What We Do?

Odontología General

El ritmo de vida que llevamos provoca que fácilmente tengamos consecuencias indeseables en el estado general de su salud oral. Por ello es imprescindible cuidar la higiene bucal. Por supuesto, se debe hacer a la par con hacer chequeos generales y preventivos con un dentista.

Dichos exámenes regulares de dientes y encías asegurarán que su salud no corra peligro. Confirmará que todos los problemas dentales son detectados y resueltos por nuestros médicos.

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Radiología dental

Restoring teeth in bad condition is what we specialize in. We focus on the overall state of your oral health. We focus on the overall state of your oral health. We focus on the overall state of your oral health.

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Diagnodent is an important part of our Orthodontics services. Positioning is everything. Especially, when teeth and jaws are concerned.

Misalignment of any of these two can lead to serious oral health consequences and difficulties. It can easily hazard your daily normal life. The orthodontics branch of dental medicine is here to help you! With things like braces, dental implants and other treatments, which will make your smile well proportioned, symmetric and naturally beautiful again!

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It's crucial to check Children's Oral Health even more often, than the adults' teeth. A period of life from birth to the adolescence is probably the most important one with regard to a person's health. This is a period when kids lose baby teeth. This is a period of life when oral hygiene may be breached by a child and cause an infection, disease or simply dental caries. Also, this is the critical time to implement any cosmetic, restorative or straightening decisions early on. With our welcoming atmosphere and our friendly team of professionals, your kid will love sitting in a dentist's chair for once!

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People's dentistry issues may vary. That's why we have a lot of non-conventional treatments. When your oral health is concerned, solutions vary. There might be hundreds of different diseases, issues and treatments involved. So to sum up everything besides the main dental services we provide, we pulled up this additional treatments list. Just keep in mind, that there might be plenty of miscellaneous ways to approach your specific oral health case. So starting with an x-ray, dental implants and non-conventional side medications - we've got it all here...

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Teeth cleanings, Fluoride and Sealant are just a few of our advanced diagnostics. What it takes to keep your teeth always healthy and your smile always bright? That's right, a regular assessment of dental caries lesions, plaque, calculus, and staining! That is why we recommend all our customers a regular, quarterly visit to our dentists. Such a checkup will ensure that any problem will be spotted on time and there will be an option to easily get it fixed. Also, oral health diagnostics is a built-in part of all our appointments. Especially when there's any next procedure to follow.

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Estética dental

If you need a new denture or if you're in need of fixing your old one, broken denture. Dentures and crowns help you when your teeth problems get out of hand. For example in case of cracking, chipping or losing your teeth due to a mechanical injury or an accident. The dentures secure your artificial teeth and keep them in place, so to say. Installing dentures lets you live a normal life again and chew that apple up! Also, besides installing new dentures, we offer dentures repair and cleaning services.

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We provide a wide range of services from urgent assistance to preventive care. Everything you need to be done with your tooth, can be done here at DentCare.